IRTENZ has been hosting International Transport Conventions for more than 30 years. The presentations are always topical and the speakers are world class. We always include local and international speakers who represent all sectors of our very diverse industry and in doing so, attract a wide group of delegates - Transport Operators, Engineers, Equipment Suppliers, Government Agencies, Service Providers and the list goes on.

If you'd like access to all our previous conference programmes and presentations, you will find them under the page years in the list below. If you would like to join IRTENZ and be kept updated on upcoming conferences, apply for membership [here]

2023 Hamilton

2022 Hamilton

2019 Rotorua

2017 Rotorua

2016 Rotorua

2015 Rotorua

2013 Rotorua

2010 Rotorua

2006 Taupo

2004 Rotorua

2002 Rotorua

2000 Rotorua

1998 Wellington

1996 Christchurch

1994 Auckland

1992 Auckland

1989 Christchurch

1987 Palmerston

1985 Rotorua